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An in-house R&D unit for THE RICCOBONO GROUP

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Press Release

Paris, 18 October 2023.

Always at the forefront of innovation, the Riccobono Group has set up a collaborative Research and Development laboratory. The Riccobono Lab is a cross-functional unit made up of technical experts already working in the production centres of the Riccobono Group's 4 divisions. This unit will work across the Group's various business divisions.

The Riccobono Lab has a threefold objective:

Keeping a technology watch on two fronts: keeping abreast of new developments likely to affect the graphic arts sector, and keeping a watch on other sectors.

Incubate ideas by modelling and creating machine prototypes.

Act as an accelerator by improving processes. All the Group's plants are already working to research and improve their processes. The aim of the Lab is to improve speed and reliability.

Leur méthodologie de travail est un travail collaboratif comprenant toutes les équipes des 4 pôles d’activités, Pôle Presse, Magazine, Façonnage et Distribution. Le Lab Riccobono doit donner lieu à la création de nouvelles solutions innovantes sur le marché. Déjà de nombreuses solutions novatrices ont fait l’objet de dépôt de brevet à l’INPI. Cette cellule est rattachée directement à Guillaume Riccobono qui en a confié le pilotage à Camille HOARAU, directeur industriel du Groupe en quête depuis toujours de nouvelles solutions pour les clients et partenaires.

According to Camille Hoarau: "Not only are we committed to investing in the most efficient industrial solutions on the market, but we are also convinced that it is through our commitment to meeting the many challenges we face that we will find the right innovative solutions. This is how we have been able to register a number of patents, including :

  • Alternative solutions for eliminating plastic film for mailings, sales and delivery

  • The introduction of a new process for manufacturing very thin heat-sealable paper, enabling publishers to save on postage costs,

  • The installation of the first machines in Europe to recut quarterfold tabloids, an innovation for which the Riccobono Group has a monopoly in France,

  • Other highly relevant avenues are still being explored, and we look forward to sharing them with the industry.

Lab Riccobono's CSR approach is based on respect for the environment and the search for more ecological solutions. It is also rooted in respect for and anticipation of changes in legislation, such as the AGEC law requiring the elimination of plastic film from January 2021. From a customer point of view, Le Lab offers less expensive solutions and reliable production.

According to Guillaume Riccobono: "Because we firmly believe in improvement and innovation, the Riccobono Group is taking the next step and setting up its own Research and Development Laboratory. The aim of this strategic project is not only to improve existing processes, but also to enable the creation of new, innovative and high-performance solutions within or directly related to our core businesses. The manufacture of our heat-sealing paper is a perfect example of this, enabling us to embark on an essential diversification for the Group.

The Riccobono Group, a printer for five generations, is the French leader in newspaper printing, its traditional business, which accounts for 30% of its activities. The Group has become the European leader in rotogravure printing, with production centres in France and Germany accounting for 40% of its magazine, catalogue and leaflet printing business, 20% for distribution and mailing, and 10% for mailing and finishing.

Today, the Riccobono Group employs more than 3,000 people and has a turnover of almost 310 million euros.


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Jean-Clément TEXIER

Coficom: 06 60 68 93 95

Download this press release in PDF format:

Communiqué de Presse - Lab Riccobono
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