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"Diverto", the new weekly leisure magazine printed by the Riccobono Group

Press Release

Paris, 09 January 2023

On the initiative of six regional daily press publishers - Centre France, EBRA, Rossel, Sipa Ouest-France and Sud-Ouest, now joined by La Dépêche du Midi - a new TV magazine called "Diverto" arrived on newsstands on 6 January 2023. To date, 53 regional daily newspapers have decided to distribute it as a supplement to their daily paper.

This new weekly title offers traditional TV programmes, as well as selections of programmes on American and French VOD platforms and, more generally, entertainment news linked to screens. Its aim is to redefine the codes of TV programming.

The 'Diverto' project, under the direction of Antoine Daccord, is supported by a team of 30 people, including Roxane Centola, editor-in-chief, Isabel Delanoy, industrial director, Arnaud Beauvois, digital manager and François Chaperon, artistic director.

"Diverto confirms its confidence in a printed magazine of more than 80 pages. Its first issue was distributed to nearly 3.2 million copies.

For the Riccobono Group, this new project involves a synergy between several production sites, in close collaboration with Isabel Delanoy, industrial director of the "Diverto" media, and her teams.

For "Diverto", the Riccobono Group at its two rotogravure sites, Hélio Print in Mary-sur-Marne (77) and Lenglet Imprimeurs in Raillencourt-Sainte-Olle (59), printed 3,590,000 copies of inside sections in rotogravure.

Still at the Hélio Print centre, 3,144,000 copies of the covers, including 39 different versions, were printed in offset.

"Diverto" has also entrusted the binding activity to the Riccobono Imprimeurs Group at the HP Brochage site in Mary-sur-Marne (77), where 1,500,000 copies are bound per issue, on behalf of a number of PQR publishers, the main ones being Ouest France, le Télégramme, la Voix du Nord, la NRCO, l'Union Reims, etc.

A printer for 123 years, Riccobono Imprimeurs is France's leading printer of national dailies, its traditional business. This now accounts for a third of its business, and the Group has also developed its magazine printing, binding, distribution and delivery activities.

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Press contact :

Jean-Clément TEXIER

Coficom : 06 60 68 93 95

Download this press release in PDF format:

Communiqué - Diverto imprimé par Le Groupe Riccobono Imprimeurs
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