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Midi Print chosen by Le Monde and Les Echos for decentralised printing

Press Release

Paris, 16 January 2023

Group Les Echos - Le Parisien and Group Le Monde have decided to transfer the printing of their titles to the Midi Print site at Gallargues-Le-Montueux (30 Gard). Midi Libre previously printed Les Echos and Le Monde in Saint Jean de Védas.

These two titles join the other dailies printed in Gallargues, which are Le Figaro, L'Équipe, Libération, La Croix, Paris Turf, Aujourd'hui, Le Parisien, Le Canard Enchainé, 20 Minutes and the International New York Times.

In northern France, Les Echos and Le Monde are already produced by Riccobono Imprimeurs at its L'Imprimerie Waterless centre in Tremblay-en-France (93 Île-de-France region).

Midi Print has therefore become the essential site for the national daily press covering the geographical area from Bordeaux to Lyon and the whole of southern France.

Midi Print boasts some of the highest-performing coldset offset printing equipment in the world, and has recently added an automatic density system.

In 2022, this centre also underwent a complete modernisation of its mailroom, eliminating the use of plastic film for subscriber handling and replacing it with a label application system.

With the elimination of plastic film, the Riccobono Imprimeurs Group's in-house R&D department has put in place 8 innovative, sustainable solutions that have been the subject of lengthy research and development work, as well as the filing of patents with the INPI. The solutions are ecologically sound, comply with the environmental regulations of the AGEC law and enable increased automation of the routing process.

For Guillaume Riccobono, CEO of the Riccobono Imprimeurs Group, "Riccobono Imprimeurs has always been a genuine partner for press publishers, providing them with the highest quality, most cost-efficient solutions.

With these new advances, the Riccobono Group, a printer for five generations, is consolidating its position as French leader in newspaper printing, its traditional business. This now accounts for a third of its business, and the Group has diversified into magazine printing, binding, distribution and delivery.

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Press contact:

Jean-Clément TEXIER

Coficom : 06 60 68 93 95

Download this press release in PDF format:

Communiqué - Les Echos et Le Monde imprimés à Midi Print
Download PDF • 151KB


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