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The Riccobono Group is strengthening its team to get closer to the PQR market

Press release

Paris, 9 May 2023

The Riccobono Group is strengthening its team to work more closely with the PQR :

Loïc LE DEUFF is the new director of the Midi Print press centre.

Industrial Director for Provence until 2 March 2023, Loïc Le Deuff has just joined the Riccobono Imprimeurs Group as Director of the Press Centre, Midi Print, located in Gallargues-le-Montueux in the Gard region.

Born in Grenoble in 1979, Loïc Le Deuff graduated from Grenoble Polytechnique in 2000 and went on to gain a diploma in printing engineering from the Ecole Française Papeterie Industries Graphiques PAGORA in 2004. He has worked in various IPS Group printing plants in the north and south of France as Quality Manager. In 2008, he joined the daily newspaper La Provence as Production and Maintenance Manager, a position he held for 8 years before becoming Industrial Director. A former top-level sportsman, Loïc Le Deuff loves a challenge.

Loïc LE DEUFF, who has a passion for technology and IT, appreciates novelty and change. For him, "the Riccobono Imprimeurs Group is a group with real ambitions and a clear desire to continue consolidating its various business lines, in which it is the leader, and to pursue its development in other areas where synergies can be achieved, both for the size of the group and for the Midi Print centre".

The arrival of Loïc Le Deuff marks a rapprochement between the Riccobono Imprimeurs Group and the PQR, as part of a strategy of deployment and diversification. Since the start of the year, Groupe Riccobono Imprimeurs has been publishing Diverto, the weekly TV and leisure magazine for regional newspapers.

Midi Print is the essential site for the national daily press covering the geographical area from Bordeaux to Lyon and the whole of southern France. It has some of the most advanced coldset offset printing equipment available without a dryer. Since January 2023, Midi Print has been printing the Les Echos and Le Monde titles, which have joined the other dailies already produced in Gallargues: Le Figaro, L'Équipe, Libération, La Croix, Paris Turf, Aujourd'hui, Le Parisien, Le Canard Enchainé, 20 Minutes and the International New York Times.

The Riccobono Group, a printer for five generations, is the French leader in newspaper printing, its traditional business. This now accounts for a third of its business, as the Group has diversified into magazine printing, staple binding, distribution and delivery.

Today, Riccobono Imprimeurs employs 2,800 people, or 2,000 full-time equivalents, and has a turnover of almost €250 million.

Press contact :

Jean-Clément TEXIER

Coficom : 06 60 68 93 95

Download this press release in PDF format :

Communiqué Nomination Loic Le Deuff
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