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VSD back Printing, finishing and mailing entrusted to the Riccobono Group

Press release :

Paris, 29 June 2023.

VSD is back with a monthly edition of 150,000 copies. The title, which was taken over last April by Heroes Media, publisher of specialist publications on cars, watches and boats, is a legendary brand.

This Thursday 29 June, Heroes Media launches a new version of the magazine, created in 1977 by Maurice Siegel, retaining its legendary title but transforming its charter and editorial line, and signing a new baseline: voir, savoir, découvrir (see, know, discover).

To support these changes, VSD has entrusted the Riccobono Group with the printing, finishing and mailing of the title through 3 of its 4 divisions.

Newsprint, a heatset offset printing centre in Lieusaint (77 Seine-et-Marne), was commissioned to print the 144 pages of the inside sections. A new paper was chosen, "a top-of-the-range LWC paper". To meet the quality requirements, this centre provides rotary presses equipped with the latest colour management technology. The mailroom is automated and robotised for optimum service.

In addition, the 4-page covers are produced at Hélio Print in Mary-sur-Marnes (77 in Ile de France), also using heatset offset printing.

At the same time, VSD has entrusted the finishing and routing of the title to the HP Brochage centre on the Hélio Print site. The proximity of these centres means that the entire graphics chain can be handled. Distribution is handled by MLP.

The Riccobono Group, a printer for five generations, is the French leader in newspaper printing, its traditional business, which now accounts for a third of its activities. The Group's development strategy is based on four core businesses: press printing, magazine printing, binding and routing, and distribution and delivery.

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Press contact :

Jean-Clément TEXIER

Coficom: 06 60 68 93 95

Download our press review in PDF format:

Communiqué de Presse VSD
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