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Pleine Vie, Reworld Media's leading monthly magazine, printed and bound by the Riccobono Group

Press Release

Paris, 24 April 2023

Reworld Media, the leading magazine publisher, is stepping up its partnership with the Riccobono Imprimeurs Group by entrusting it with the entire production and routing of the monthly magazine Pleine vie.

Image de l'usine News Print

Starting in May, this magazine for young seniors will be printed in heatset offset at the News Print centre in Lieusaint (77 in the Ile de France region), with a print run of between 250,000 and 300,000 copies.

The monthly magazine, in 205x262 format, has a pagination of 136 to 160 pages and 4 cover pages. The inside pages are printed by News Print (77), a Riccobono Imprimeurs heatset offset site. The covers, printed in 5 colours and varnished, are produced in heatset offset at the Hélio Print site (Mary-sur-Marne).

At the same time, Pleine Vie has entrusted the finishing and mailing of more than 200,000 subscribers to the Riccobono Group's France Routage centre based at Bussy Saint Georges (77 in the Ile de France region).

The Riccobono Imprimeurs Group produces this monthly magazine using the entire graphics chain that makes it up: Printing, Finishing, Routing and Distribution, making available its News Print centre equipped with 2 rotary presses and 16 printing units, the Gravure Print centre with its 3 rotary presses and 24 colour printing units. France Routage offers no fewer than 27 routing lines, 27 enveloping lines and 12 stitching lines.

Reworld Média has also entrusted the Riccobono Group with the production of the weekly TV title TéléStar, for which it is involved in the same way throughout the graphics chain.

With this new service, the Riccobono Imprimeurs Group has established itself as the trusted partner of major publishers, offering them the widest range of services in France. And by bringing out Pleine Vie, which used to be printed in Italy, it is once again helping to bring magazine printing back to France.

The Riccobono Group, a printer for five generations, is France's leading printer of dailies, its traditional business. This now accounts for a third of its business, as the Group has diversified and developed a strategy of expanding into the complementary activities of magazine printing, staple binding, distribution and delivery.

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Press contact:

Jean-Clément TEXIER

Coficom : 06 60 68 93 95

Download this press release in PDF format:

Communiqué de Presse - Pleine Vie
Download PDF • 133KB


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